D334-熊熊蛋黄分离器2PCS Egg White Separator -513184(仓J1)

Product Sku : 515586

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100% brand new and high quality.

Handle Fits Over Small Bowl Or Cup

Mini Hand-Held Design, Comfortable To Hold

Perfect Design For Helping You To Separate The Egg White From Egg Easily

Easy To Use, Safe And Clear, Necessary Tool And Good Assistant For Kitchen

Simply To Use, Just Pour The Beaten Egg Into The Separating Device, Gently Shake It, Egg White Will Flow Down And Separate From Egg Yolk



100% 全新和高品质。 手柄适合小碗或杯子 迷你手持设计,握持舒适 完美设计,助您轻松分离蛋清 易于使用,安全清晰,厨房必备工具和好助手 使用简单,只需将打好的鸡蛋倒入分离器中,轻轻摇晃,蛋清就会流下来与蛋黄分离

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