E715-衣物去污湿巾20片装Stain Remover-6974610431414(仓G2)

Product Sku : 618309

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Warm Tips:

1.Please keep it away from children; It cannot be used

to wash face or something !!!

2.The following farbic are not fit for: genuine leather, oil wax leather, cloth surface, mesh surface, weave surface etc.

3.If not using properly, the color of your clothes might be faded or getting dark !!!



--- Individually packaged and portable -- with no washing required -- making it perfect for those out-of-home stains

--- Textured, double-sided cloth helps break up stains so theyre easier to lift and remove from fabric

---Ideal for on-the-go stains like makeup,coffee,orange juice, blood, and red wine

--- Using Method: open the package and use the wet tissue to wipe the stains until the bubble comes out, and clean the tissue in water, then use the tissue to wipe the bubble away. If the stains is too stron please repeat the former steps



1.请远离儿童;不能使用 洗脸什么的!!!





--- 独立包装和便携 

-- 无需清洗 

-- 非常适合那些户外污渍

--- 带纹理的双面布有助于分解污渍,因此更容易从织物上提起和去除

--- 非常适合移动污渍,如化妆品、咖啡、 橙汁、血和红酒

--- 使用方法:打开包装,用湿纸巾擦拭污渍,直到气泡出来,然后用清水清洗纸巾,然后用纸巾擦去气泡。如果污渍太重请重复之前的步骤

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