F82-芝士皂 Cheese Face Cleaning Soap-697194653312(仓G2)

Product Sku : 516159

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 Ingredients:Propolis extract, Cheess, Milk protein, Coconut Oil, Lactobacillus, Plant extracts

Cheese like cotton and delicate foam can effectively remove the metabolites and harmful substances in the pores, so that the skin is bright, compact and elastic

Gentle clean pores, soothe acne, clean pox, control the oil, remove mites, Moisturizing

More use: facial cleanser, hands soap, shower gel

This cheese soap can be brushed like real cheese, with a fresh smell and a special pleasure for your bath time.


成份:蜂胶提取物、奶酪、牛奶蛋白、椰子油、乳酸杆菌、植物提取物 像棉花一样的奶酪和细腻的泡沫,能有效去除毛孔中的代谢物和有害物质,让肌肤亮丽、紧致、富有弹性 温和清洁毛孔、舒缓粉刺、清洁痘痘、控油、除螨、保湿 更多用途:洗面奶、洗手液、沐浴露 这款奶酪皂可以像真正的奶酪一样刷洗,气味清新,为您的沐浴时光带来特别的乐趣。

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